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Your Design Options

Frameless Showers

JP Glass, in Jacksonville, Florida, designs and installs high-quality, custom and affordable custom frameless shower glass enclosures.

Frameless showers are arguably the most modern-looking of options, with their sleek, clean lines. They are particularly effective in highlighting beautiful tile work, and in making a small bathroom look bigger since the visual space extends without obstruction to the back of the shower wall. Frameless shower enclosures are installed with special-purpose hardware clamps and typically have either a bypass or pivot style door. The glass thickness on this type of shower door is typically either 3/8” or .5” thick.

Our line of Frameless enclosures are elegant, stylish and versatile, offering you virtually unlimited design possibilities. Every enclosure is Custom Built and ordered to your exact specifications. They feature 3/8” and ½” thick tempered glass in a variety of textures (3/8”) and colors. For clear glass, the options are two-fold – standard clear, which carries a green hue due to its natural iron content, and crystal clear, which has gone through an extra process to remove the iron. Either of these can be personalized with a unique sandblasted border or design.

To compliment your bathroom décor, the hardware also includes a wide variety of standard and designer styles and colors from which to choose. All materials used are of the highest quality available to ensure long term, dependable, and trouble-free service. All of our enclosures come with a full one year written guarantee.

With all of these options, it is easier than ever to end up with a truly unique and personal design that is a clear reflection of your imagination.

Sliding, Framed, & Semi-Framed Enclosures

Sliding and Rolling Shower Doors
Our sliding and floating door systems have an entirely different look from traditional sliding/floating door systems. The use of minimal hardware provides a frameless look that gives the enclosures an almost floating appearance. Specially designed roller bearings allow for quiet, easy opening and closing of the door. This unique roller system operates above the header support bar that spans the top of the enclosure. Available in multiple finishes.

Semi-framed showers have a metal frame surrounding the structure, but not around the entire door. This is a compromise that joins the best of both worlds. They feature a slightly sleeker look than fully-framed showers, but also offer the water-tightness of a framed shower. The part that is genuinely frameless here in this hybrid is the section on the door handle side and across the top of the door. As you might expect, since this has some qualities of a frameless shower and some qualities of the fully-framed, the price usually falls somewhere between those two options.

Advantages Of Working With JP Glass


Being in the business as long as we have, we’ve designed and installed every type of shower door enclosure imaginable. From custom brass enclosures to sliding glass doors for your kid’s bathroom tub. When it comes to shower doors, we’ve done it all!


The Jacksonville home improvement industry is notoriously competitive...and so a business’s reputation means everything! As our products and installs are above the norm, designers, contractors and homeowners have come to trust the JP Glass name as synonymous with quality.


Your new shower remodel is a reflection of your unique vision, so JP Glass works with you to customize door or enclosure to your exact specifications. Not sure what you want? We can recommend shower door solutions that offer form and function, while suiting your taste.

Whether you have recently renovated your bathroom or would simply like to replace / renovate your old shower, JP Glass is ready to help!